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Chris Kennedy Publishing focuses on fun, message-free science fiction and fantasy. We have a number of authors and staff working every day to bring you the highest quality stories. Please take a look! Oh, and if you like one of our books, please make sure you review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or both, so we can continue to bring you the stories you love!

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**Release notes!** 

“CASPer Alamo” includes two new stories by Eric S. Brown and Jason Brannon, loosely recreating the Battles of the Alamo and Isandlwana on a galactic scale. When all seems lost, it’s up to the mech operator to save the day! Find out more here. Get it here.


First contact has been made, and Cartwright’s Cavaliers, Asbaran Solutions, Winged Hussars, and The Golden Horde stand ready and willing to take on the adventure. What will they find in their Alpha Contracts, and how will they overcome it? It’s time to find out! Learn more here. Get it here.



**Coming Soon!**

What’s coming up? How about:

  1. Karma Upsilon 4” a 4HU short story by Mark Wandrey, on February 16,
  2. Assassin” (a 4HU novel) by Kacey Ezell and Marisa Wolf on February 23,
  3. Earth Song: Sonata in Orionis” by Mark Wandrey, on March 9,
  4. Honor the Threat” (a Peacemaker novel) by Kevin Ikenberry, on March 16,
  5. A Time To Run” by Mark Wandrey (sequel to “A Time To Die”) on March 23,
  6. The Mutineer’s Daughter” by Chris Kennedy and Thomas A. Mays on March 30,
  7. A Fiery Sunset” the first book in the “Omega Wars” (the next 4HU main series) by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey, on April 6,
  8. Darkling” by Jason Cordova (the sequel to Wraithkin), on April 13,
  9. A Tempered Warrior” by Jon R. Osborne, on April 20,
  10. The Midnight Sun” by Tim C. Taylor, on April 27,
  11. And much, much more!

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**Check This Out**

The Four Horsemen Universe now has a TV Tropes page, as well as a Wiki. Check out the TV Tropes page here.  Check out the Wiki here. Both are still works in progress, but are things you’ve asked for that we’ve been working on behind the scenes.






**Ooh, Shiny!**

The Four Horsemen have a challenge coin kickstarter going. Would you like to know more? Check it out here. It’s already smashed it’s first goal–what’s next?

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