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Chris Kennedy Publishing focuses on fun, message-free science fiction and fantasy. We have a number of authors and staff working every day to bring you the highest quality stories. Please take a look! Oh, and if you like one of our books, please make sure you review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or both, so we can continue to bring you the stories you love!

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**Release notes!** 

For a Few Credits More,” an anthology in the Four Horsemen Universe, has been released. A compilation of short stories from 16 authors, plus a bonus super-short look at an upcoming book by Kacey Ezell and Mark Wandrey, it expands the universe and gives a “look behind the curtain” at several things coming in the universe. You can get it here. Enjoy!

“Corruptor” by Jason Cordova is also live! You can get it here.  

**Also Coming Soon!**

Lots of of great books coming soon, like “Minds of Men” by Kacey Ezell, and “A Reluctant Druid” by Jon R. Osborne. Both will be released in November. Want to read them first? Join the mailing list–there will be an opportunity to get an advance reader copy!


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