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Hi, I’m Chris Kennedy. A successful fiction writer-turned-publisher, I teach students and aspiring authors how to become successful writers by honing their skills, inspiring their creative processes and sharing my insider’s perspective on entering the world of self-publishing. I also write and publish science fiction and fantasy novels in between! Need someone to Speak at your school or your event? Those services have moved here.

**Release notes!** Defiant Hearts by Susanne L. Lambdin is live on Amazon! It’s the fourth book in her Morbid Hearts multi-genre series. Vampires, zompoc, and superheroes? It’s got it all! Missed the start of the series? The first book is here!  Also, Seeker of Magic, the first book in Susanne’s Realm of Magic series, will be released on March 31st. Can’t get enough fantasy? Join the mailing list–there will be an opportunity to get a copy of Claudia Newcorn’s “Crossover,” the first book in her “Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree,” soon!

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Status Update (aka, “What’s Chris up to now?”): I am currently working on “The Golden Horde,” my next Four Horsemen book.

Current word counts:

  • In Writing:
  • The Golden Horde  |llllllllllllllllllll| 52,500 words (52.5% as of 3/24/17)
  • In Production:
  • The Mutineer’s Daughter — In Editing

Enjoy some science fiction…or a helping of fantasy. 


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