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Jon publishes under the New Mythology Press imprint. Jon has one book with CKP, “A Reluctant Druid,” which can be found herein addition to an appearance in two of the Four Horsemen Anthologies, starting with, A Fistful of Credits.

At thirteen years old, Jon Osborne discovered a passion for two things – writing and telling stories. Instead of doing what a normal author-to-be would do and write stories, Jon wrote for his school newspaper and told stories through the medium of running role-playing games for his friends.

Journalism helped pay the way through college, and gaming garnered him lifelong friends. After college, journalism didn’t pan out as a career, but Jon continued creating worlds and forging stories with his friends.

Fast forward almost thirty years; Jon is still a gamer who every now and then dabbles with writing. A long-time friend and fellow gamer who had found success as an author, Mark Wandrey, convinced Jon to submit a short story for an anthology. Jon’s story was accepted, and it gave him the impetus to finish his first novel, A Reluctant Druid.

Living in Indianapolis, Jon still games, and continues to write. You can find out more about Jon at his website. Fans who sign up for his mailing list will receive “Chapter 0” for A Reluctant Druid and be the first to hear news about Jon’s newest books and stories.

From “A Reluctant Druid:

Centuries ago, the followers of the new gods defeated the old gods and the folk of legend, banishing them from the world of man. With their departure, magic faded from the land. 

The Milesian Accords had provisions for a new challenge, though, and the Exiled Gods have sent their minions back to our world to seek out a champion to fight for them and a druid able to wield the magic needed to fulfill the challenge.

A descendant of the druid who participated in the original challenge, Liam Knox doesn’t know anything about the Accords or his ancestors, but those seeking to maintain the status quo are hunting him, and the beings of myth are doing their best to convince him to help the Exiled Gods return to the world of man, bringing magic back with them. 

Liam is faced with a choice he doesn’t want, and if he chooses wrong, he risks more than his own life—he could end the world as we know it. And he’s running out of time to decide.

Get “A Reluctant Druidhere.