Published Works

All of Chris Kennedy’s novels can be found below, with links to each further down. If you are interested in time-order for reading the military/scifi series, they occur in the following order:

  1. Red Tide (military fiction/Occupied Seattle #1)
  2. Occupied Seattle (military fiction/Occupied Seattle #2)
  3. Janissaries (science fiction/Theogony #1)
  4. When the Gods Aren’t Gods (science fiction/Theogony #2)
  5. Terra Stands Alone (science fiction/Theogony #3)
  6. The Search for Gram (science fiction/Codex Regius #1)
  7. Beyond the Shroud of the Universe (science fiction/Codex Regius #2)
  8. The Dark Star War (science fiction/Codex Regius #3)

The War for Dominance (WFD) fantasy trilogy:

  1. Chasing a Spectre (short story/Book 0 of the WFD)
  2. Can’t Look Back (Book 1 of the WFD)

Other books:

  1. Self-Publishing for Profit (non-fiction)
  2. Leadership from the Darkside (non-fiction)
  3. Riding the Red Horse (military scifi anthology)

For more detail on each, please see below.

“Red Tide: The Chinese Invasion of Seattle” (Occupied Seattle, Book 1)

Find out more at:


“Occupied Seattle” (Occupied Seattle, Book 2)

Find out more at:


“Janissaries” (Book 1 of The Theogony)

Find out more at:


“When the Gods Aren’t Gods” (Book 2 of The Theogony)

Find out more at:


“Terra Stands Alone” (Book 3 of The Theogony)

Find out more at:

terra stands alone final

“The Search for Gram” (Book 1 of the Codex Regius”)

Find out more at:










“Beyond the Shroud of the Universe (Book #2 of the Codex Regius)

Find out more at:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00045]








“The Dark Star War (Book #3 of the Codex Regius)

Find out more at:









“Chasing a Spectre” (Book 0 of the War for Dominance)

Find out more at:

The Spectre

“Can’t Look Back” (Book 1 of the War for Dominance)

Find out more at:


“Self-Publishing for Profit”

Find out more at:

Self Publishing








“Leadership from the Darkside”

Find out more at:









“Riding the Red Horse”

Find out more at:

Red Horse











2 thoughts on “Published Works

  1. anthony zigarelli

    at the end of codex 3. the progenitors’ war say’s for fall 16? but your site makes no mention of it now in 2017?

    1. Chris Kennedy Post author

      Hi Anthony,

      The Progenitors’ War has about 20k words written, but has been temporarily shelved due to declining sales while working on the current Four Horsemen books. I intend to come back to it and finish the trilogy in the future.



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