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What’s Going On in the Four Horsemen Universe?

Hi Folks,

I’ve had a lot of people ask about the Four Horsemen universe, and specifically how it’s going to work moving forward. Others have noted that Mark Wandrey and I are using a “non-traditional approach” to how we’re writing in this universe and wondered how it works.  It’s time for a “look behind the veil.”

First, what to expect in the universe. The first series of books will have four novels, plus three anthologies to help expand the universe. They are:

  1. Cartwright’s Cavaliers” by Mark (available here)
  2. Asbaran Solutions” by Chris (available here)
  3. Winged Hussarsby Mark (available here)
  4. The Golden Hordeby Chris (available here)
  5. A Fistful of Credits edited by Chris and Mark (available here)
  6. “Peacemaker” by Kevin Ikenberry (available August 25)
  7. “For a Few Credits More” edited by Chris and Mark (available September 15)
  8. “The Good, The Bad, And The Merc” edited by Chris and Mark (available November 15)

Although these books are generally “stand-alone,” there is some crossover between them, and there is a story line building in the background, which the anthologies contribute to, as well. It will become clearer as the series goes, and will ultimately result in the main story line, which will be “The Omega War” series of books that will follow “The Golden Horde.” If that isn’t enough, there is more we have mapped out to follow (so settle in and enjoy; you will continue to get your fill!) There are also two prequel short stories that are available for joining the mailing on this site and on Mark’s website.

Second, the non-standard approach. I’m happy to tell you, it is working great! We coordinate everything and have a Google Doc set up so we don’t have any issues. As the chief publisher for the series, I’m also there to make sure the canon stays pure, even though we are nominally writing separately from each other. That will change when we get to the main story line, as we will work together on those books. Throughout the series, though, you should see a fairly constant style and substance, because we are very much together on the books, even when they are written by “the other guy.” If you like one, you’ll like the other.

We are hoping to lead a renaissance in quality military science fiction and thank you for your support in making it happen! Check out the first five covers below:

Chris Kennedy

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