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Claudia Newcorn publishes under the Acorn Oaks Press imprint.

Claudia has one book with Chris Kennedy Publishing, the non-fiction marketing book, “Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits.” She also has three fantasy novels you can see here Want to know more about how to ride the “Zipline to Success?” Learn more about Claudia at her website here

Zipline to Success: Fast Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits

Transform your marketing outcomes from so-so to spectacular!

Does “so-so” describe your marketing outcomes? As a business owner, manager or entrepreneur, you’re being yanked every which way by day-to-day business. You worry about the bottom line because sales aren’t where you feel they should be. Everyone says, “Do more marketing!” But where do you focus? Social media? Online ads? Radio? Print? And how do you know if you’re spending money wisely?

The proven Zipline to Success system has helped hundreds of companies zip over roadblocks, avoid costly mistakes that could kill their business, and accelerate their success. Discover smart, practical, easy-to-use strategies and insider tips that show you how to fast-track your marketing, measure outcomes, and quickly course correct when your buyers shift gears.









Table Of Contents
Introduction 1
Part 1 – Look Out! Simple Steps to Avoid Smacking into Trees
Chapter 1 ~ How Leaping Before You Look Is Guaranteed to Hurt You
• A Gizmo’s Tale – why marketing can actually hurt your business
• The business idea! Inspiration vs. Perspiration
• How ignoring “Assume” warning signs can knock you off your zipline
Chapter 2 ~ Newsflash! “Everybody” Is Not Your Buyer!
• Who the heck wants to buy what you have to offer?
• How to find out what makes your buyer tick
• Could your buyer be knee-high?
• Are there enough bodies out there?
• A simple way to sabotage your sales
Part 2 – Get Ready to Zip: The Equipment You Need for a Smooth Ride
Chapter 3 ~ How to Turn Your Competition into Your Best Friend
• Why competitors are cannibals
• How shopping the competition can jump start your business
• 7 simple ways to learn a lot about your competitors
Chapter 4 ~ Setting Yourself Up for Success
• How shortcuts can lead to costly mistakes
• Beware the “unexpected” business killers
• The truth about the customer service digital paradigm shift
Chapter 5 ~ Five Critical Zipline Action Steps
• Why a one-size fits all approach rarely works for your product or service
• How to talk WIFME to position yourself to stand out from the crowd
• Make them crave what you have to offer with targeted promotions and advertising
• Can they find you where they need to?
• Financial smarts—make sure sales really equal profits
Part 3 – Zip Smart – Setting Up Your Marketing Zipline
Chapter 6 ~ So, Where Do You Want to Go?
• What’s your Zipline marketing strategy and plan?
• How to map your route
• Getting ready to zipline
Chapter 7 ~ Pricing Is One of Your Most Powerful Marketing Tools
• Don’t let your price damage your business
• Are you thinking with your customers’ wallets?
• Whoops… what about wholesale?
• Margins and markups, oh my!
Chapter 8 ~ Are You Speaking Your Customers’ Language?
• Buyers’ rule – it’s all about them
• Talking in tongues – connecting with the right words
• Punch it up – why less really is more
Chapter 9 ~ Eliminate Tree Blocks on Your Zipline to Success
• How to get out of your own way
• Course correcting for change
• Survey your customers wisely
• Extra hip-pocket research tools
Part 4 – Zipping for Dollars: Budget-Friendly, Proven Traditional Marketing Strategies
Chapter 10 ~ Stealth Marketing – Maximize the Minimal
• What color is your business?
• Un-waste your marketing real estate
• Avoid the 3 Bs: Boring, Basic, Been Done
Chapter 11 ~ Marketing Outreach: Should You Advertise or Promote?
• Best ways to advertise cost-effectively
• Essential media rules you need to know to choose wisely
• Be a smart media negotiator
Chapter 12 ~ How Not to Throw Money Away on Promotions
• Best ways to promote cost-effectively
• How to play the price–promotion–value strategy game
• The smart way to not lose money on promotions
• Warning: what a promotion can say about your business!
• Turn your customers into ambassadors
Part 5 – Zipping the Digital Divide
Chapter 13 ~ Smart Digital Tools to Help Grow Your Business
• Relationships vs. Advertising
• How to choose what’s digitally right for your business
• Is your website really doing its job?
Chapter 14 ~ Leveraging Social Media and Building Social Media Currency
• Four key pieces of zipline equipment for social media
• Bring on the traffic!
• What’s in your digital marketing wallet?
• Three more useful digital marketing pointers
Part 6 – Zip Wild! 7 Creative, Innovative, and Eye-Catching Marketing Ideas to Set You Apart from the Crowd
Chapter 15 ~ Taking Spins on the Zipline Ride
• Zipline above the crowd with unusual, even “crazy” ideas
• Get noticed with the unexpected or unusual
Part 7 – Keeping on Course – Maintain Your Momentum for a Smooth Landing
Chapter 16 ~ So How Do You Know It’s Really Working?
• Simple ways to measure results
• “Please, tell me what you think”
Chapter 17 ~ Optimizing Your Zipline Strategy for Success
• Are your FOHRM critical anchors secure?
• Get above the weeds and bushes
• Get your Zipline sequenced for best results
• Putting it all together: Creating Your Own Your Zipline Strategy for Success Plan
The 27 Zipline Essentials to Successful Marketing
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