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Dead Hearts Book 5

Separated from the Earth Corps, Cadence has arrived at the magical island of Antillia, where Poseidon has gathered the Pantheon of Light. Although these ancient gods want to save the human race, Odin and Aries have brought together the Dark Pantheon, an assembly of the most evil ancient immortals, and they are using the Babylonian Stones to outflank the forces of good. Their victory seems almost a foregone conclusion.

But a sliver of hope remains.

Ancient armies await the call to battle, needing only a summons by their former commanders, and other allies are available…if they can be rescued from Hades’ hellish domain. The Earth Corps members must go to the far corners of the world, and beyond, if they are to acquire the aid they need.

Time is running out, though, for the enemy is on the move, and the Blood Syndicate and NATO forces will soon be overwhelmed. War is spreading across the planet, and the Earth Corps must race to bring their forces to bear before the human race is wiped out. Once again, the team is divided, outmatched, and overwhelmed as it fights its ultimate battles in the streets of London and Rome. Can the new gods defeat the old gods and save the human race? Or has the human race finally seen its end?

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