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Dead Hearts Book 2

Forsaken Hearts, the second book in the Dead Hearts series, picks up where Morbid Hearts left off– a few weeks after the pivotal battle at Pike’s Peak.

Makeshift settlements under the authority of the Freedom Army provide refuge for the survivors of the worldwide “Scourge” that has destroyed all known civilization, turning most of the human population into zombies.

Quasi-military teen patrols have been assembled to guard the camps’ perimeters from scavengers and those infected with the ever-mutating H1N1z virus.

Cadence and her Fighting Tigers, one of the top teen patrols, are working to maintain the fragile peace at the survivors encampment at Seven Falls, but tensions are rising.

Dissent within the ranks splits the camp into factions, which is only in the best interest of the new vampire menace that has emerged in Colorado Springs…

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