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There was a time in my life where I didn’t see myself as an author, perhaps just like you. I knew I had stories to tell, but I was afraid they wouldn’t be good enough…that I would be a laughingstock among my friends if I tried to publish them. It was a couple of years ago, right after I had been unemployed for almost a year. We had wiped out our savings and were very close to going under. My son wanted to go to college and I couldn’t afford it. I felt like a failure.

Then, a story came to me. I liked it, and when I started writing, it just naturally flowed. Pretty soon, I had a whole book written. There was only one problem—no agent would take it. I shopped it to agents month after month, and none of them were the least bit interested. Then I heard about self-publishing, but I didn’t know anything about it. I spent a lot of time researching it before finally deciding, “I can do this; I just need a plan.”

Eventually, my book was ready. I loaded it into Amazon, but then I panicked. No one was home, and I sat at the kitchen table, staring at the computer screen. Sweat glistened on my brow as I looked at the cursor, hovering over the little button that said “Save and Publish.” I wanted to push the button more than anything else in the world, and yet I couldn’t.

Who was I fooling? I wasn’t an author; I wasn’t an English major; I didn’t have any talent or know anyone in the publishing industry. I stared at the button. If I pushed it, Amazon would publish my story…confirming to everyone in the world just how big a fraud I was. My finger wouldn’t work; the button remained un-pressed. I shook my head, thinking about all of the hours I had put into my novel. What a giant waste of time.

“I can’t push that Publish button.  I can’t!”

So, I did what any sane, normal person would do.

I pushed the Publish button, and then I ran to the other side of the room in case the computer exploded.

But then a funny thing happened. People bought the story. Only a few at first, but they told their friends, and more people purchased my book. It wasn’t long until I had sold enough copies that Amazon started marketing my story and sales took off. Before I knew it, not only had I sold more books than I had expected, I had sold more books than I had ever even hoped.

My books have continued to sell, and I no longer have to ask myself if I’m good enough, or if I can do it. I’ve already shown that I’m good enough, and I’m doing it on a daily basis. And that’s why I can help you. I know your thoughts; I know your worries. I had them, too, and can help you get past them.

Now that I’ve learned how to write and understand the self-publishing process, I enjoy helping other authors master these skills. Work with me and let me show you how it feels to know that you are a successful author. I want you to see how awesome it is to watch your royalties pour in from around the world. You can do it; I can help.

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