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Dead Hearts Book 4

As the battle between the Earth Corps and the Shadowguard comes to a costly end, Dragon and his team continue searching for survivors and the missing members of their team. What they discover will challenge the very core of their existence and will alter the course of the war dramatically.

It’s a war the survivors thought they had won. They thought it was over. Cadence knows, however, that is has only just begun.

The rifts created by time travel and the activation of the Babylonian Stones not only stirred two warring races of demons, but also woke the old golds and brought a new global enemy to power – one that has been waiting for hundreds of years for this very moment. Ever-mutating strains of the virus threaten human existence as the world stands at the brink of domination by power-hungry ancient gods.

In a war for the soul of the universe, ancient gods rage against demons, magic and science collide, and every living being must face a new species of monster…one that is more devastating and powerful than anything history has ever produced. In order to survive, humanity must stand united…and defiant.

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